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Massage therapy is not only a luxury, but also a necessity for your health and well-being. Massage therapy can help you with various benefits, such as reducing stress, improving circulation, relieving pain, enhancing mood, and boosting immunity. However, you might not have the time or money to visit a professional massage therapist regularly. That’s why we have some tips on how to incorporate massage therapy into your daily routine, so you can enjoy the benefits of massage anytime and anywhere.


Self-massage is a simple and effective way to massage yourself using your own hands or tools. You can do self-massage on different parts of your body, such as your head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, and feet. You can use oil, lotion, or cream to lubricate your skin and make the massage smoother. You can also use tools like a tennis ball, a foam roller, or a massage stick to apply more pressure and reach deeper tissues.

Here are some examples of how to do self-massage:

  • For your head: Use your fingertips to gently rub your scalp in circular motions. Move from the front to the back of your head. You can also massage your temples, forehead, and jaw with gentle pressure.
  • For your neck: Use your fingers or thumbs to press and release the muscles on the sides of your neck. Move from the base of your skull to your shoulders. You can also tilt your head from side to side and roll it in circles to stretch your neck.
  • For your shoulders: Use your fingers or knuckles to knead the muscles on the top of your shoulders. Move from the inner to the outer edge of your shoulders. You can also shrug your shoulders up and down and rotate them forward and backward to loosen them up.
  • For your back: Use a tennis ball or a foam roller to massage your back. Place the ball or roller on the floor and lie down on it. Roll over it slowly and apply pressure on the areas that feel tight or sore. You can also use a massage stick or a long towel to massage your back. Hold one end of the stick or towel in each hand and place it behind your back. Move it up and down along your spine and across your shoulder blades.
  • For your arms: Use your fingers or palms to squeeze and release the muscles on your upper arms and forearms. Move from your shoulders to your wrists. You can also twist and bend your arms to stretch them.
  • For your legs: Use your fingers or knuckles to knead the muscles on your thighs and calves. Move from your hips to your ankles. You can also use a tennis ball or a foam roller to massage your legs. Place the ball or roller on the floor and sit or lie down on it. Roll over it slowly and apply pressure on the areas that feel tight or sore.
  • For your feet: Use your thumbs or fingers to press and rub the sole of your foot in circular motions. Move from the heel to the toes. You can also use a tennis ball or a massage stick to massage your foot. Place the ball or stick on the floor and roll it under your foot.

You can do self-massage anytime you feel tense or tired, such as in the morning, during breaks, before bed, or after exercise. You can also do self-massage in different places, such as at home, at work, in the car, or on the plane.

Partner massage

Partner massage is another way to incorporate massage therapy into your daily routine. Partner massage is when you exchange massages with someone else, such as your spouse, friend, family member, or colleague. Partner massage can help you bond with each other, improve communication, express gratitude, and share relaxation.

Here are some tips on how to do partner massage:

  • Choose a comfortable place where you can both relax and have privacy. You can use a bed, a couch, a mat, or a chair.
  • Decide who will give and receive the massage first. You can take turns or do it at the same time.
  • Use oil, lotion, or cream to lubricate the skin and make the massage smoother.
  • Ask for feedback from each other about the pressure, speed, and technique of the massage. Adjust accordingly to make sure both of you are comfortable and happy.
  • Focus on the areas that need more attention, such as the neck, shoulders, back, feet, or hands.
  • Be gentle and respectful with each other’s body. Avoid massaging areas that are injured, inflamed, or sensitive.
  • Enjoy the experience and have fun.

You can do partner massage whenever you have some free time together, such as in the evening, on weekends, or on special occasions.

Professional massage

Professional massage is when you visit a trained massage therapist who can provide you with a customized and high-quality massage. Professional massage can offer you more benefits than self-massage or partner massage, such as deeper relaxation, faster recovery, better results, and more variety.

Here are some reasons why you should get a professional massage:

  • You have a specific condition or problem that needs expert care, such as chronic pain, injury, illness, or stress.
  • You want to try a different type of massage that you can’t do yourself or with your partner, such as Balinese traditional massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, or aromatherapy.
  • You want to treat yourself to a pampering and luxurious experience that can boost your mood and confidence.

Here at Bali Sisters, we offer a range of professional massage services that can suit your needs and preferences. Our massage therapists are skilled and experienced in Balinese traditional massage and other types of massage. We can help you achieve the optimal balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

You can book a professional massage session with us now online or by calling 0423 760 730 to find out more about our massage therapies.

Much love and blessings,

Bali Sisters x

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Cindy Hung
Cindy Hung
22 September 2023
The care, knowledge and skills that the therapists possess are amazing. I have been consistently going there whenever I can over the past few years and they always apply the session accordingly, the right pressure, areas in need and techniques. A great place for a regular gym enthusiast for muscle recovery or when you just need a little self care.
Scarlett Brice-adams
Scarlett Brice-adams
3 September 2023
Ailene was INCREDIBLE! I feel like she found spots that were tight that I didn’t even know about! Highly recommend the reflexology, remedial and facial massage. Great service and the smell is also so nice when you walk in!
Tom Mitchell-Taverner
Tom Mitchell-Taverner
1 September 2023
Warm amd inviting. Professional. Great massage.
Ksenia Wilkinson
Ksenia Wilkinson
28 June 2023
Absolutely wonderful massage! A must do while in Bondi. The staff were very kind and nice. 5/5!!
Mel W.
Mel W.
25 June 2023
Fantastic place. Highly recommend. My therapist had excellent technique and I found it incredibly relaxing. The face massage was great but their reflexology was by far the best I’ve had in Sydney! Lovely & friendly staff.
7 June 2023
Loving this place, especially massage from Indi. She's my favourite. Gonna come every fortnight for the service!
Maria Belen Schilling
Maria Belen Schilling
4 June 2023
SO RELAXING. The place is so nice and the staff is so friendly. I love going there once a week and having the Balinese Massage ❤️
14 May 2023
Such great value
Lexy Donaldson
Lexy Donaldson
11 May 2023
Best foot massage I’ve ever had!