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Bali Sisters were brought up in the ancient Hindu traditions of family healing therapy in beautiful Bali, Indonesia, which is an island known for its rich culture and holistic healing traditions.

Bali Sisters grandfather was a natural energy healer, a gift passed down from generation to generation, with a focus on healing touch therapy. He healed people who had physical and emotional problems, even broken bones, and taught families and children how to meditate and cope with life’s problems.

This gift has passed down through the generations and now Bali Sisters combine energy work with acupressure in their Bondi therapy centre. After scanning for energy imbalances and weakness, Bali Sisters therapists provide treatments to help relieve tension and create harmony by charging depleted energy with prana to release the blockage, reduce physical pain and balance emotional energy.

Bali Sisters therapists are highly skilled with warm and friendly personalities and a healing touch. Through many years of experience, they have proven their natural healing abilities with many clients regularly coming back and recommending their services to their family and friends.

We hope our humble and sincere insights can provide a catalyst for your life transformation.